For Customer
  • Save time on appointments
  • Live communication with executor
  • Statistics of loaded days and pricing
  • Budget saving when planning for an "unpopular date"
  • Convenient search in annual calendar format
  • Precise selection of specialists for your request
  • Approval of details on the project in the cabinet with all executors at the same time
  • Credible ranking and reviews to performers left by the customers themselves
For Executor
  • Statistics of loaded days and pricing
  • Live communication with the customer in the cabinet ( the opportunity to sell services not only via a portfolio )
  • Filling the working schedule with profitable events
  • Convenient planning of master classes and holidays
  • Rational and portional investments in advertising
  • Approval of details of the project with the customer in the cabinet
  • Ability to get real feedback and ranking from customers
  • Ability to sell redundant orders
View statistics of the days loaded
Select the desired date
Post an order
Conduct employment calendar
Obtain orders from customers
Discuss details in the cabinet
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